How to create a mobile version of a wordpress blog

A blog owner would be very much interested to make their blog accessible through mobile device. And for a wordpress blog you can use mobilepress plugin to render all the latest news from your blog to a mobile device. This plug-in allows to create custom theme for the mobile version of blog.

After installing and activating this plug-in, you can also create a sub-domain for your mobile version of your blog. If you have hosted the blog in GoDaddy then use the below steps for creating and setting forwards to your blog.

1. Logon to GoDaddy Account.

2. Click on Manage Domains link followed by Domain Manager

3. Click on the domain for which a sub domain will be created.


4. Click on the Add link from Sub domains section. And provide details for the sub domain field and respective forward to URL.

Add Subdomains

5. Create a folder in the same name as that of the sub domain under the root folder of the blog. For example :- if name the blog is and you would like the mobile version of your blog to be then create the name and sub-domain as m and a folder “m" under the root folder of the blog.

6. Add your mobile version of your blog URL to your blog main page.

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  • Riley Jaruis January 14, 2012, 6:40 am

    Specifically, I’m looking for an emulator that will allow me to check the layout of the web page that I’m designing for the iPod touch/iPhone. Thanks to all in advance..

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