How to create a password reset disk in Windows

Windows Operating System has a feature for creating a password reset disk for specified user account. Using this you can logon to your computer if you have forgotten the password for this User Account. This can be done using the Create a password reset disk option available under Windows Control Panel. Listed below are the steps for creating password reset disk in Windows.

Create password reset disk in Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Launch Control Panel -> User Accounts and Family Safety -> User Accounts  and click on the Create a password reset disk link. Please make sure to connect a removable media such as USB flash drive to your computer before clicking the Create a password reset disk link.

Create as password reset disk link

This would launch the Forgotten Password Wizard.

Forgotten Password Wizard

Click Next and select the drive where you want to create the password file.

Forgotten Password Wizard 2

Then type the current password of the logged in User Account

Current User Account Password 

Click on Finish.

Completing the Forgotten Password Wizard

After the completion, the disk which was used for storing password details will have a new file userkey.psw, this should contain details about the user account password and would be used for resetting.

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