How to create a Simple HTML page in windows

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. A html page can be created using normal text file editors such as notepad. A html page should start with <html> tag and end with </html> tag. This represents the start and end of a html page. A simple html page would look some like shown below

        <title>first page</title>
        My first html page

Copy the above in to notepad and save the file as simple.html. Opening this file in a Internet Explorer or Firefox browser would display a web page with content as “My first html page” and page title as “first page

<head>, <title>, <body> are some of the standard tags present in a html file.

<head> basically tells the browser about a web page like title, meta information etc.

<title> represents the title for a web page

<body> information provided here would be the content of a web page

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