How to create bootable DVD of Ubuntu 12 on Windows 8

Explained below are simple steps required for creating Ubuntu 12 bootable DVD on Windows 8

Step 1: Download Ubuntu 12 ISO image from the this location –

Step 2: After inserting a blank DVD on Windows 8 system, navigate to the downloaded location of the ISO image.


Step 3: Right click on ubuntu-12.10-desktop-i386 ISO image and select Burn disc image option from the context menu.


Step 4: Click the Burn button on the Windows Disc Image Burner window after selecting the Verify disc after burning option.


Step 5: After copying the required files on the disc the process would verify the content written in the disc.


After Verifying the disc, the status message will be displayed that the disc image has been successfully burned to disc.


Now you are ready to use the newly created Ubuntu Bootable DVD for installation of Ubuntu on the other systems.

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