How to create new views on Windows Live Mail 2011

The default view on Windows Live Mail 2011 is set to show all messages. But if you want to create a new view and make that as default then you can follow the below mentioned steps.

For example if you want to have a view created for displaying only the priority emails always then navigate to View menu and click the New view option.

Windows Live Mail 2011 New View

The Define Views screen displays the default view as Show all messages. Now click the New button.

Define Views

In the New View window, select the conditions for your view as “Where the message is marked as priority

New View

You can also select the type of priority that needs to be displayed by clicking the priority link under View Description section.

Set Priority

Similarly by clicking the Show/Hide link, you can specify the whether you want to show or hide the messages that match specified criteria.

Show or Hide Messages

After setting the required option and entering a name for the view, click OK button to confirm and save the changes.

Now in the Define Views window, select Priority and click the Apply View button.

Define Views

Select whether you want to apply the selected view for the currently selected folder or All of my folders.

Apply View

The newly created view gets applied once you click the Ok button on the Define Views.

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