How to create rules in Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail has a feature that lets users to create filters to move the incoming messages to specific folders. This is similar to rules feature available in Microsoft Outlook that can be used for blocking emails based on subject.

Let us consider the scenario where you have subscribed to daily newsletter of a blog and want to move these emails to specific folder.

Creating filters in Yahoo Mail

Step 1: Login in to Yahoo Mail account and click Settings icon then select Mail Options from the drop down list.


Step 2: In the Mail Options screen, navigate to Advanced Options and click Filters.


Step 3:  Click the Add button available on the Filter screen.


Step 4: Enter name for the filter as “newsletter”

Step 5: Then enter the email address of newsletter for Sender with Criteria as “contains”. Navigate to “Then deliver the email to following folder” drop down and create new folder for newsletter.

image image


Step 6: Click Save button to confirm and save the changes.

Now this would move all emails from “” to specified “newsletter” folder.

Later if you want to delete this filter then you can use the Remove Filter option available next to Add button.


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