How to create shortcuts in Microsoft Outlook 2007

Shortcuts can be created in Microsoft Outlook 2007 for accessing outlooks items such as email folders or note or todo list. Let us see this with example.

If you have created many sub folders underneath your Inbox and navigating to the sub folders one by one would take time, instead you can create a shortcut for the subfolder and access it using the shortcut. In the picture you can see that


Shortcuts example folder is underneath Inbox -> Personal -> Misc. And if you create a shortcut you can access this folder without navigating through the folder structure. A Outlook Shortcuts can be created by pressing Ctrl + 7 which would display the following shortcuts option


Click on the Add New Shortcut link which would display the Add to Navigation Pane. Select the folder for which you want to create a shortcut (Shortcuts example) and click OK


This would then create a shortcut for Shortcuts example folder as shown below


And on clicking the Shortcuts example, you will be taken directly to the Shortcuts example folder.

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