How to create Simple Flat Logo in Photoshop

If you are a designer, then you should be well conversant with the current flat design trends. The logo design world has not been left behind. There are logos which seem to sit more flat to the background and heavily rely on colour more than the gradients, depths and shadows to bring forth meaning.

In this case, to create your flat logo in Photoshop, it is important that you follow this procedure:

First of all, click on your file or cmd/cntl-N link and open a new Photoshop document equivalent to your button size.


Using the Rounded Rectangle Tool (U), create a circle. In the options bar located at the top, ensure that the radius is 3 pixels. Ensure that the circle is of desired radius.


If you like you can increase the width of the circle. For that go to FX function and click on ‘Stroke’. Enter the value 25. You can enter any desired value. clip_image006

You can change the colour of the circle by going to ‘Fill’ located right above the Adobe Landing page. Once this is done, you can bring about and image in the centre of even type text.

Over here we will be typing text. You can choose the font and size of the text according to your requirements.


The colour of text can be changed. For this before you type, you have to go to the Text tool in the left menu, and select it. Now on the top, in the text menu, choose the colour of the text you want.


Once done, type the text. This is how your text will show now.


You can use the select tool to position the text. You can even add images over here. For that either you have to create an image or simply use one that you have currently.

Well your logo is ready.

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