How to create simple questionnaire using Google Docs

This tutorial is about the steps required for creating simple feedback form using Google Docs. If you have conducted any workshop and want to get the feedback of the attendees then you can use form option avaiable in Google Docs.

Step 1: Login to Google Docs and click the Create button and select Form from the list

Google Docs Create Form

Step 2: In the Edit form screen, provide name for your form and start adding your questions.

Google Docs New Form

Step 3: If you want to ask the name, email address, rating and comments then add the respective questions on the form. For name and email address the question type can be set as Text. For “Rate the Workshop”, you can provide a list of values (Very Good, Good and Boring) by selecting the type as List. And “Comments” field, you can set the type as Paragraph text.

FInished Google Docs Form

Step 4: You can change the background by clicking the Theme button at the top and selecting your desired theme.

Step 5: Now make sure to save the form and email it to your attendees for their response.

Send Form for Feedback

Step 6: All your attendees will receive a link to the form which can be used for capturing their response.

Step 7: You can check the responses from your attendees by navigating to the See responses button and selecting Summary or Spreadsheet option.

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