How To Cut And Paste Images In Photoshop?

Cutting and pasting might be the most important editing options in Photoshop. Cutting and pasting an image is not a very difficult task of you get the hang of it. Here are steps to and paste images in Photoshop. The quick mask option is an easy and simple way to go about it. First open an image and prepare the document.

Step 1: Press Q to enter the quick mask mode. Alternately, you can also go to the tool bar and click on the quick mask tool.

Step 2: Select a hard or soft brush. Hard brushes are more precise but also require more expertise to work with.


Step 3: With the chosen brush, paint the part that you want to select. The selected part appears red.

Step 4: Press F5 to change the angle, shape and size of selection made by you.

Step 5: Exit the quick mask mode by pressing Q. Recheck the part selected (painted red) by you. If you are still not satisfied with the selection and you need to make changes, it can be done simply by re entering the quick mask mode. You can do it by following the same steps as before.

Step 6: It is important to save your selection for later use. This can be done by using either ‘Select’ or ‘Save selection’ or ‘New Channel’.

Step 7: You can also create a mask layer. A mask layer is used to create a new layer on top of the selected area or just cover the selected area with white or black. A good feature of the mask layer is that this hidden selection can be seen by pressing CTRL and clicking on the masked layer.

A well edited picture needs to be clear and without any blurry edges. Photoshop will help you get just right effects. You can practice and retry with different pictures using the above steps without doing any permanent changes so you can always go back and try new things.

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