How to display a video when you receive a call in Nokia 5800

Adding any mp3 file as a ring tone is common in all phones, but you would wonder if there comes a video if your friend is calling instead of usual ringtones. This is very simple in Nokia 5800, let’s see how to do that.

  1. Go to Gallery and select any video file like the one shown below in the screenshot


  2. Click options -> select use file -> Assign to contact (don’t select Assign as ringtone)

  3. This will take you to your contacts menu where you have to select a contact.
  4. When this done you can see the video file added to the person you have selected by viewing the contact information in the contacts.
  5. When you received the call from the person you have assigned the video file, you could see the video showing instead of the any ringtone, very interesting right?

How to remove this? Go to Contacts view -> select the contact person -> click options -> Ringing tone -> Default tone, this will remove this feature. So when you receive the call next time you will not see the video showing.

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