How to enable wireless in BSNL Broadband WA3002G4

This tutorial is about the steps required to enable and secure wireless using BSNL Broadband WA3002G4 ADSL Router and Modem. You can access the ADSL router and modem setup page by typing in browser address bar. The default username and password for the router setup page is admin/admin.

In the ADSL/Router & Modem page, click the Wireless link.

ADSL Router and Modem Page

Mark the check box with label as “Enable Wireless” under Wireless – Basic section.

enable wirelss BSNL

Clicking the Save/Apply button would display the following page where you have the option to hide access point and also enter your preferred name for SSID. It is recommended to change the SSID from the default name UTStarcom. Now click the Save/Apply button to turn on the basic wireless connection for WA3002G4.

Wireless Basic BSNL Broadband

How to secure BSNL Broadband Wi-Fi connection

We have seen how to setup a basic wireless broadband connection but it is always recommended to make it secure connection as well. You can do this by using the option available as part of Security section.

There are different Network Authentication method to secure a Wi-Fi connection and we are going see to use WPA2-PSK for securing the connection. Click the Security link and select WPA2-PSK for Network Authentication.

Wireless Network Authentication

BSNL Wireless Security

Now enter a WPA Pre-Shared Key and this password phrase needs to entered while connecting through the Wi-Fi. Click the Save/Apply button to confirm the changes done to secure the Wireless connection.

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  • jeshin June 20, 2014, 11:21 pm

    Hi , am using the same modem but i didn’t c any wireless option in my modem config. how can i enable wlan ..?

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