How to find cells with specific format in Excel 2010

Find Format

Excel 2010 has a wide a range of Find tool features and using one of the feature users can locate a specific format applied to a Cell. For example if you have set the format of a cell as Percentage and then navigated to a different column. Now if you want to find the cell again then you can use the Find format feature.

Setting the Format as Percentage

You can set the format of a cell as percentage by right clicking and selecting Format Cells from the context menu.


In the Format Cells window, select Percentage from the category list.


Find Cell with Format as Percentage

Let us say if you have moved away from this cell with out entering any value and you want to locate this cell again then click on the Find & Select icon available under Editing section. Then select Find from the menu list.


In the Find and Replace window, click on the Format button and select Percentage as Format and then click the Find Next button.


This would locate the Cell with format set as Percentage.

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