How to find the data usage of airtel broadband

The steps for finding out the data usage of your airtel broadband is little different from the steps that was covered earlier. It is quite useful to know these steps to avoid over downloading and to prevent internet speed reduction.

Step 1: Open Airtel Home page in Internet Browser and click the login button under my account section.


Step 2: Now select broadband & fixed line from Choose the service page.


Step 3: Now enter your login credentials to access the Airtel Home page.

Step 4: If you have got both landline and broadband connection then select broadband account number from the drop down list and click the View Bill option.


Step 5: Navigate to my information menu and select account information from the menu list.


Step 6: The Unbilled Amount section in account information page would display the data consumed till data and the download limit along with the no of days left in the current bill cycle.


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