How to fix an unstable Internet Explorer 9

The Internet Explorer can be become unstable when you make some undesirable changes to your browser settings using Internet Options. If you are not sure about the exact change that caused the problem then you can try the Reset option provided as part of Internet Options. The Reset Option sets the Internet Explorer’s settings to default condition and you should use only when your browser is in an unstable state. This can done by clicking the Tools menu –> Internet Options.


In the Internet Options, navigate to Advanced tab and then scroll down to the Reset Internet Explorer settings.


To reset Internet Explorer’s settings to their default condition click the Reset button. In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings, mark the check box with label as Delete personal settings, if you want to clear all your temporary internet files and browser histories. Click the Reset button


The following progress message will be displayed.


Click the the Close button to close the Reset Internet Explorer Settings window.


The following message will also be displayed to restart the Internet Explorer for the changes to take effect.


This might fix an unstable Internet Explorer.

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