How to forward emails in Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail has a feature using which you can forward mails receive in Yahoo account to another email address. This settings is available as part of the Yahoo Account Options. To enable automatic forwarding of Yahoo Mail, click the Options menu (available at the top right hand corner) and  select Settings from the list of available menus.

Yahoo Mail Settings

In the Settings screen, navigate to Accounts tab and click Edit button in the Yahoo account section.

Yahoo Mail Edit Account Option

In the popup window, navigate to Access your Yahoo Mail elsewhere section and select Forward radio option.

Forward mail in Yahoo account

You have an option to specify whether you want to retain a copy of emails received in your account or mark as read or Forward only.

Retain a copy of email after forwarding mails in Yahoo Account

Click the Save Changes button to confirm and save the changes. This feature is helpful when you have multiple email accounts and you want to use receive all your emails in one account.

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  • samvenkat February 11, 2011, 2:19 pm

    This was the tip i was searching for a long time. Thanks. I tried this and it was working for me. But there is one more step after doing all these, (would be good if you can add these too in your blog (if you think it is worth))

    1. After you save your changes by entering the email id. you will get a confrimation email to the new email id you have specified.

    2. Go to that email account where you can see the mail from yahoo, click the link specified there. when that is done you get the message – “Your email address has now been verified.”

    start receiving yahoo emails in your new email account.

  • ahsanul karim October 23, 2014, 11:01 am

    how i am able to forward multiple emails from my Yahoo….

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