How to hide and unhide worksheets in Excel

When you are sharing your excel workbook to other users and want to hide unnecessary worksheets then you can follow below mentioned steps.

Simple Hide/Unhide Worksheet

This is the simplest way for hiding or unhiding worksheet in Excel 2016 & 2013. And most of the Excel beginners will be aware of this feature.

Hide Worksheet in Excel 2013

Right click on the Worksheet that needs to hidden and select Hide from the menu list. And you should notice “Sheet 4” hidden in the workbook.

Worksheet hidden from the Sheet tabs in Excel

If you want to Unhide the Sheet, then again right click on the Sheet tab and select Unhide option.

Unhide Worksheet in Excel 2013

This should then display the following Unhide window with a list of hidden sheets. Now select the Sheet that needs to unhidden.

Unhide Sheet in Excel 2013

Hide/Unhide using xlSheetVeryHidden attribute

If you want to make life little tougher for the users to unhide the worksheet then you can use xlSheetVeryHidden attribute to hide a Worksheet.

Click the Developer menu and navigate to Controls section. If you cannot find Developer menu on Office Ribbon then check steps to enable developer menu in Excel.


Click the Properties option under Controls section. This should display the following Properties for the selected Worksheet. Now to hide the Worksheet, set the value of Visible property to xlSheetVeryHidden.

xlSheetVeryHidden Hide Worksheet

To unhide the worksheet, navigate to Developer menu and click Visual Basic option under Code section.

Visual Basic Editor in Excel 2013

Now select the Worksheet that needs to be unhidden. Then click View menu and select Properties Window from the menu list.

Excel 2013 VBA Project

Now change the value of Visible property from xlSheetVeryHidden to xlSheetVisible. By this way you can unhide the Worksheet using xlSheetVeryHidden attribute.

Unhide Worksheet using xlSheetVeryHidden

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