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How to hide the Sheet tabs in Excel 2010

In Excel 2010, the Sheet tabs displayed in a Workbook can be hidden using the Advanced options.


Click the File menu and then the Options link. In Excel Options window, select the Advanced the tab and scroll down to the Display options for this workbook  section. To hide the Sheets tabs in Workbook, un tick the checkbox labelled as Show sheet tabs. Click the OK button to save the changes.


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  • My sheet tabs at the bottom have disappeared. I checked MENU_OPTIONS_ ADVANCED and the “show sheet tab” is checked..
    There are no sheet tabs?

  • I also lost my sheet tabs, and doing the above also doesn’t work for me. when I send the worksheet to another computer, they are there. how can I get them to show – the sheet tab is checked.

  • Very helpful information. I was having hard time to find “Show Worksheet Tab” option.

    Thanks Ravi,

  • I lost my sheet tabs. I found my “show sheet tabs” was checked. I unchecked it and they came back, but disappeared again. Now they won’t come back. Occassionally they will appear then disappear.
    Does MS have a fix for this?

  • Has anyone found out ‘how’ to make the sheet tabs REAPPEAR? Please help!

  • This doesn’t work for MAC. Any help?

  • My sheet tabs and sliders for one of my Office 2010 workbooks were visible on October 10. When I opened the same workbook on October 11 the tabs and sliders were not visible. Inspection of the advanced options showed the options to SHOW the tabs and sliders were still checked.

    Does MS have a fix for this ? Does Ravi have a fix for this ?

  • My problem is the same as Jerome Porter’s. HELP

  • I also have the problem where sheet tabs don’t reappear regardless of whether the “Show sheet tabs” box is ticked or not.

    Can anyone in Microsoft bother to check this forum and help us with a fix?

    My (imperfect) workaround is to select Full Screen view and the sheet tabs are then visible.

  • I caot find how to change the name on the sheet tab. I added additional and want to give them a name

  • your spreadsheet is not maximized.
    The same thing happened to one of my staff who thought I was nuts. The spreads sheet is set up to split screen, maximizing will fix the issure

  • Ted Reeves, you’re awesome. I was dealing with the same issue, and your super easy fix resolved it for me. All I needed was to maximize the worksheet. Well, that is somewhat embarrassing. Thanks again!

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