How to import contacts to Windows Live Hotmail from Outlook 2010

This tutorial provides steps for importing contacts from Outlook 2010 to Windows Live Hotmail account. The import is done in two stages as mentioned below.

  • Export the contacts from Outlook 2010 in to csv file.
  • Import the csv file in to Windows Live Hotmail account.

Export contacts from Outlook 2010

We have already covered about how to export contacts from Outlook 2010 using Import and Export Wizard in Outlook 2010. You can access Import and Export Wizard by clicking File menu –> Open –> Import option. Click here for more detail information

Import contacts in Windows Live Hotmail account

Login to your Windows Live Hotmail account and click the Options down arrow and select More Options from the list.


In the More Options Page, navigate to Customizing your contacts and click the Importing contacts link.


Click the Outlook icon under the Add People page.


In the Importing Contacts page, select Microsoft Outlook as the value for the radio option (step 2) and choose the file to import by clicking the Choose File button. Then click the Import contacts button to start importing the contacts to your Hotmail account.


Once the import is completed, a similar confirmation message as shown below would be displayed about the successful import of contacts with number of contacts that have been added and updated.


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