How to insert Chart in Keynote presentation

Keynote 09 provides users with option to insert different types of charts in presentation. Let us see how to insert a simple column chart to display the Blog Income Report for the years 2008 – 2011. The chart will display Income, Expense and Profit for 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Insert Column Chart

Click the Insert menu, navigate to Chart and select Column from the sub menu.

Insert Column Chart Keynote 09
This would insert the following sample column chart in the presentation slide. This would also display Chart Data Editor and Chart Format Options apart Column Chart
Chart Options Keynote 09
Entering Chart Dataset
Now to enter the required dataset for the Blog Income Report, navigate to Chart Data Editor and edit the regions and and columns to reflect the data. If you want to add extra row and column then you can use the Add Row and Add Column option available in Chart Date Editor.
Chart Data Editor Keynote 09
The column chart will look as shown below with updated data.
Blog Income Report Column Chart
Format Column Chart
Now if you want show your result with the currency display then you click the axis tab. Select value for Format drop down as Currency and choose the appropriate currency symbol.
Format Column Chart
Now with the latest currency changes the Column chart will be displayed as shown below.
Change Chart Type
If you decide to change the chart type from Column to Pie then click the Chart drop down and select Pie Chart.
Change Chart type in Keynote 09
This would immediately get reflects and a Pie chart will be displayed for the same dataset.
We have covered the basic chart features and in future articles we would see some more chart features available in Keynote 09.

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