How to insert spreadsheet in Word

We had earlier seen about performing simple math calculation in Word. And in this tutorial we are going to see the steps for adding spreadsheet in a word document. Let us see this by creating an invoice for the purchased items using Word 2016 and Word 2013.

Insert Excel spreadsheet in Word 2013

Click the Insert menu, then Tables option and select Excel Spreadsheet from the dropdown list.

Insert Excel Spreadsheet

This should display the following spreadsheet inside the document.

Blank Spreadsheet in Word 2013

Now let us add the required columns for the invoice. You can adjust the width of the column just like how you do it in Excel.

Format Spreadsheet in Word 2013

Similarly delete the unwanted columns by selecting  the columns, then right click and choose Delete from the menu list. And if needed, you can format all the column titles.

Adjust spreadsheet column width in Word 2013

Now enter the values for Item, Item description, Unit Price, Quantity . And to calculate the total price, enter the formula as “=C2*D2”.


Then use the auto fill feature in excel to fill the rest of the series from E3 to E8.


And to calculate the Total invoice use the SUM function. 

Calculate the Invoice Total in Word 2013

Once you come out the spreadsheet, the final invoice should as shown in the below screenshot.

Final Invoice in Word 2013

You can edit the content by double clicking on the table. This should bring back the Excel menus for doing any modifications.

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