How to make Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 1.5 as a Default Browser

When you open a html page and if you want to open the page in Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 1.5 then you can configure any one of the browser as your default browser. Normally during installation of these browsers you would be given an option and incase if you have missed during that time you can still configure them manually as mentioned below.

Configure Internet Explorer 7 as Default Browser

  1. Open Internet Explorer and click on the Tools Menu => Internet Options
  2. Select Programs tab
  3. In Programs tab you will have a Default Web Browser section where  Make Default button will be available.
  4. Click on the Make Default button if you want Internet Explorer as your Default Browser.

Configure Firefox 1.5 as Default Browser

  1. Open Firefox browser and in Tools menu click on the Options menu.
  2. In Options dialog you can find the General tab which will have checkbox to make Firefox as the Default Browser.
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