How to move or copy worksheets in Excel

This is a short tutorial is about the steps required for moving or copying worksheets in Excel 2016 and Excel 2013. Excel users can copy or move users using the right click context menu or Format menu options.


Step 1: Select the Sheet tab that needs to be copied or moved. If you want to copy or move more than one Worksheets then press Ctrl key on the Keyboard and select the Sheet tabs.

Step 2: Right on selected Sheet tabs and select Move or Copy from the menu list.


Or you use Format menu option and select Move or Copy Sheet from the dropdown list.


This should then display the following “Move or Copy” Window.


Step 3: Now if you want to move the worksheet within the same workbook then choose the sheet under “Before Sheet”. And to move or copy the Worksheets to different workbook, click To book dropdown and select the Workbook (The “To book” dropdown will list only the open workbooks.).


In order to copy worksheets, make sure to mark the check box with caption as “Create a copy”.







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