How to navigate between the text messages in Nokia 5800

Though we have a lot of interesting features in 5800, messaging being the basic feature has some interesting stuff in it. As we get lot of messages in our inbox, it is not that we have to see a message in the inbox and come back to inbox again to see another message. There is a navigation feature on this phone which helps to move front and back. This navigation is not only available for inbox but also for the sent items. Here are some simple steps how to use this,

1. Click Menu and open Messaging

2. Open Inbox

3. All you messages in your Inbox are displayed

4. You can see the arrow keys near the date and time (see screenshot)

5. These keys help to navigate messages by using the front and back buttons

6. Follow the same steps to navigate messages in your sent items also.


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  • rose September 25, 2010, 3:48 pm

    how to receive files via blutooth in nokia 5800 directly in card memory instead of phone memory

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