How to navigate through Mac OS X

Users who have just switched from Windows to Mac are often confused on how to navigate through Mac. There are several ways to navigate through the Mac OS X to find files and open programs. All you need to do is to familiarize yourself with Max OS in order to get around this OS. All functions can be carried out through the Dock, the Apple menu and the Finder.

The dock: the dock functions similar to the toolbar or task bar in Windows. The dock allows easy navigation through Mac OS X easily. You can open or move through different applications just through the applications.


Apple menu: in Mac OS X provides a short list of computer options. The apple button is present on the top left corner of the screen. Single click on this apple button to navigate through computer options.


Navigate the finder: this feature is present on the Dock in the Apple menu. Through the finder, you can locate and open programs and files. Click on finder on the Dock.


Opening programs: the programs may be present on the desktop, in different drives and in folders. You can open program by a single click on the icon. If the required programs are not in the dock you can open the hard drive by double clicking, click on applications and double click on the icon that you want to open.

Closing programs: before closing programs, make sure you save your work before closing. Press Command key+ Q or go to menu and select Quit.


Logging out from Mac OS X: after you are done working with your system, make sure you log out. Go to Apple menu, select log out. A dialogue box will open, click Log out. The Mac OS X dialogue appears.

Shutting down: select shut down from the Apple Menu and click on shut down. Mac OS X will shut down.

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