How to personalize owner information in Android Lollipop

Listed below are the steps to change owner information displayed on lock screen in Android Lollipop. You can see the owner information when your device is in locked status

Owner information in Android tablet

Step 1: Tap the menu option on the main screen.

Menu option in Lollipop screen

Step 2: Tap the settings icon to launch the settings screen.

Settings in Android Lollipop

Step 3: In the Settings screen,  tap Security option under Personal section.

Security option in Android screen

Step 4: Under the security option, tap Owner info.

Owner info in Google Nexus 7

Step 5: Now enter your custom message in the text box. This message would be shown in your lock screen when “Show owner info lock screen” is checked.

Show owne info on lock screen in Android Lollipop

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