How to print only specific columns in Excel

This is going to be a short tutorial on printing only specific columns in Excel 2016 & 2013. Earlier we had covered the steps required for printing selected columns and this going to be in addition to that. For this demo, let us take the following sample data.


Now if you want to print only Source, Amount and Collected By columns and leave out Date then you can follow the below mentioned steps.

Step 1: Navigate to Date column, right click and select Hide from the menu list.


Now you should see only the columns that have to be printed.


Step 2: Click the File menu, select Print from the menus.


Step 3: In the Print screen, navigate to Settings and select Print Selection from the dropdown list.


Now the Print Preview section would display the selected columns that will be printed out.

Step 4: Click the Print button to print the required columns.

If you want to take print out the worksheet but with out the hidden column then go for “Only print the active sheets” option.

Please make sure to unhide the column once your printing is complete.

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