How to protect the phone from scratches and dust – Silicone Case for your Nokia N97

Maintaining the mobile phones from dust is really a big pain. Most of the problems like mike not working, voice not audible occur only because of the dust formation. Though scratch guard stickers are available they are only to protect the screen display. How to protect the phone from scratches and dust? Here comes the Silicone Case which does the protection.


This Silicone case for N97 has an innovative design and perfectly fits your N97 mobile. It covers the keyboard part of the device and also the display portion, so you may not need the scratch guard. It has got holes for the speakers and camera, holes to connect your charger, headphone and the USB cable. The silicone case from Brando is available in four colors being, ice, blue, black and pink. You can get this product for $10 plus the cost of shipping.

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