How to protect your real Yahoo Mail address

Tired of receiving promotional and spam emails after registering on any site with your email address? Now Yahoo Mail provides a solution to protect your real mail address by allowing users to create disposable address.

Yahoo Mail users can create a disposable email address using the Advanced Options. Click the Options drop down and select Mail Options from the list. Navigate to Disposable Addresses available under Advanced option.


Now enter your preferred name in Pick a base name and click the Continue button.


One your base name is created, click the add button to start creating disposable addresses.


For example if you want to register with all deal sites to know the latest offers then you can use one disposable email address for receiving these details.


Click the Add button and enter keyword to the base name to form the e-mail address. You will also be provided with the option to specify the folder where you want to move the emails sent to this address. The other features that are available for this disposable email addresses includes filters support, protect using SpamGuard. Now you can use this email address to register with any deal sites to receive promotional and offer related emails.

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