Quickly change font style in Excel 2013 using Macros

We generally use the options available as part of the Font section to change the font style in Excel 2013. But what if you want to quickly make these changes with a click of a menu. Excel provides a feature called Macro which can be used for this purpose.

Record a Macro for changing Font Style

Step 1: Type in a text or number in the cell for which you want to apply the font style.

Step 2: Navigate to Developer menu and click the Record Macro under Code section.

Recrod macro in Excel

Step 3: In the Record Macro window, enter name for your Macro as “ChangeFontStyle”

Recrod Macro window

If you want to assign a keyboard shortcut then specify it under Shortcut key. And also specify the description for the Macro.

Step 4: Now click OK button to start recording the Macro. You should notice Stop Recording option under Code section.

Stop Recording Macro

Step 5: Navigate back to Home screen and pick your desired Font, Font Size and Font Colour using the options available as part of the Font section.

Step 6: Once you have completed the Font Style changes, click the Stop Recording under Developer menu.

Result after running Macro

Let us now look at the steps for adding this macro to the Quick Access Toolbar.

Add macro to Quick Access Toolbar

Step 1: Click the Customize Quick Access Toolbar option and select More Commands from the list.

More Commands in QAT

Step 2: In the Quick Access Toolbar screen, select Macros for the Choose commands from dropdown.

Macros option under Quick Access Toolbar

This should display the newly created Macro under the Commands list

Choose macros

Step 3: Select “ChangeFontStyle” macro and click Add button to add the Macro as part of Quick Access Toolbar.

Change Font Style Macro

Step 4: Now click the ChageFontStyle Macro under QAT to quickly apply the changes to any Cell.

Macro under Quick Access Toolbar


This would be of great help when you have to repeat these style changes many times.

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