How to quickly go to a line in Word

When you have a large word document and want to go to a specific line then you can use the Go To menu option in Word 2013 and Word 2010. This is similar to the Go To specific page number feature that has been already discussed here.

To quickly navigate to a specific line in large word document

  • In the Word 2010 Home screen, navigate to the Editing section.
  • Click the drop down arrow below the Find menu option.


  • Select Go To… from the list of available menus.
  • In the Go To What list box select line from the list of available values.


  • Enter the line number where you want to move in the word document and then click Next or Previous button depending upon the direction you want to search.


  • This feature also provides option to the user to move relative to the current location by entering + or – before the line number. For example –10 will move backward ten line numbers from the current location.
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