How to read eBooks using Samsung Wave II

The Picsel file viewer in Samsung Wave II gives you the advantage of reading e-books in the phone. Picsel File viewer support PDF files, Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint files as well as wide range of image file types such as jpeg, png, gif, bmp, etc. Given below are various functions that can be performed using the Picsel File Viewer on the bada OS platform of Samsung Wave II


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  1. Scroll across pages
    The Picsel file viewer can be used to read PDF documents. You can open a document and read across pages by simply using your fingers to drag the screen upwards (the page going downwards with each successive drag). There is an upper limit to reading PDF documents and approximates to roughly around 10-15MB.
  2. Pinch Zoom
    Finding it hard to read the document? You can use the Pinch Zoom feature to zoom pages. Pages can be zoomed and the quality of zooming is simply amazing. All you have to do is use two fingers, place them near to each other on the screen (the exact area which you want to zoom) and drag them away unless the desired zooming is achieved.
  3. Smart Rotate feature
    When you rotate your mobile phone in either direction by 90 degrees, the orientation of the document will automatically change from portrait to landscape and vice versa. Generally we use the landscape mode while reading a document because it offers a much wider area of access, so zooming gets pretty effective.
  4. Search for a word
    You can use the Search feature to search for a word, phrase or sentence in the document. Searching will take some time depending on the number of pages in the document.
  5. Skip to other page
    You can skip to a different page by using the Go To page feature.
  6. 3 display mode types
    There are 3 display modes available in Picsel File Viewer- Original, Positive and Negative display. They come handy if you find the current page too bright or dark to read.
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  • Chris November 6, 2011, 4:27 pm

    Hey There,

    How would you get the phone from dimming the whole time to black? Really irritating when you are trying to read a book/doc (pdf) on the phone.

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