How to record macro in Word 2011 for Mac

Word 2011 for Mac provides users with the option to record macro similar to the option available in MSOffice for Windows. Let us say you want to always insert date and time for a new document and make it right aligned. Since this will be repeated for all the new documents, you can record a macro to repeat these steps instead of manually doing these steps.

Record Macro in Word 2011 for Mac

Step 1: Make sure to close the existing document in Word 2011

Step 2: Click Tools menu and select Macro then navigate to Record New Macro submenu.

Record New Macro

Step 3: In the Record Macro, provide name and description for the macro. Click OK button to start recording the macro.

Enter Macro name and Description

Step 4: Click File menu and select New Blank Document from the list.

New Blank Document

Step 5: Click Insert menu and select Date and Time from menu list.

Insert Date and Time

Step 6: Select preferred date and time format in Date and Time screen. Click OK button to insert the date and time.

Date and Time formats

Step 7: Then right align the Date and Time using Align Text Right option

Date and Time Right aligned

Step 8: Then press enter key and change the alignment back to Left align.

Step 9: Now stop the Macro by clicking Tools menu -> Macro -> Stop Recording Macro.

Stop Recording Macro

Step 10: Now to run the Macro, click again Tools menu and select Macros this time.

Run Macro in Word 2011 for Mac

Step 11: Select InsertDateAndTime and click Run button. This should create a blank document and insert date and time and keep the text right aligned.

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