How to recover Wi-Fi password on Mac OS X Lion

We had earlier seen the steps required for finding saved WiFi password on Windows 7 system. Similarly you can recover the WiFi password on Mac OS X Lion using Keychain Access utility.

Step 1: Launch Keychain Access utility through Spotlight search.

Keychain Access Launch

Step 2: In the Keychain Access window, select Passwords under Category

Keychain Access Password

Step 3: Now select login under Keychain and double click on the name of the WiFi network for which you want to recover password.

Step 4: This would display the folllowing WiFi network login password window.

WiFi login password properties

Step 5: Mark the check box with label as Show password, which would ask you to enter the Mac password.

Show WiFi Password

After validating the entry, the WiFi network password will be displayed next to Show password. By this way you can recover WiFi password on a Mac system.

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