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How to remove page numbers in Word document

We have already seen how to format page numbers in word 2010. This is another simple tip which explains how to remove page numbers in Word 2013 and Word 2010. A page number in a word document can be removed using the Page Number menu option available as part of the Insert menu.

From Home menu, click on Insert menu and then navigate to Header & Footer section

Header & Footer Word 2010

Click the drop down arrow available below the Page Number menu option. This would display the following list of menus

Remove Page Numbers

Select Remove Page numbers from available menu list. This would delete the inserted page numbers from the Word document.

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  • I’ve attempted to remove the page numbers, the footer as your instructions indicated, including converting the document. They

  • remove page number isn’t in the drop down list…

    Any other ways???

  • Remove page number does not work. what should I do?

  • How do I remove a page number without removing all page numbers?

  • There is no drop down menu on my page number option, although both header and footer have one!

  • Is there a way to remove a page number from only the last page of a document?

  • Hi, there is a very easy way to delete a page in Microsoft Word 2010, find a small half way invisible X in a square on your page , Right click on that and click on Delete Table, your page will be gone!!!!

  • selected remove page numbers as instructed,
    however, the number still print

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