How to rename and hide drive letters on Windows 8

How about providing a name for Windows drives and hiding the drive letters. This is possible using the options available as part of Windows File Explorer. Let us see the steps required to rename and hide drive letters on Windows 8 system (The same steps could be tried for the previous version of Windows operating system as well).

Rename the drive on Windows 8

Step 1: Launch File Explorer by right clicking the Start button and selecting File Explorer from the menu list.

Step 2: You can quickly rename any drive by right clicking on the drive and selecting Rename from the listed menus.


For example, I am renaming the New Volume E: to Downloads. As I am planning to use the drive for keeping all my downloads.


You might see the following Access Denied message, asking to administrator permission to rename this drive.


Step 3: Click Continue button to rename the drive.


Hide the drive letter on Windows 8

Step 4: Click View tab on File Explorer Window and navigate to Options


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Step 5: In the Folder Options window, scroll down the Advanced Settings and un select the check box with caption and “Show drive letters”.

Step 6: Click Apply then the OK button to confirm the changes.

The drive letters will be hidden when you close and re-open the File Explorer window.

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