How to rename Bluetooth devices connected to Mac Book Pro

Mac Book Pro installed with Lion allows users to connect the system with other bluetooth enabled devices. For example, the following articles provide step by step instruction for connecting Apple Wireless Keyboard and Apple Magic Mouse with Mac Book Pro.

Mac users can find out the list of bluetooth devices connected to the system using preferences option in Status bar.


Under the devices section, you can find the device that have been connected via Bluetooth. Devices that are currently active are marked as Bold. If you want to change the device name that appears in the menu list then select Open Bluetooth Preferences option.


In the Bluetooth Preferences window, select the device for which the name needs to be changed then click the down arrow available next the settings icon.


Select Rename from the drop down menu list and enter the new name for the device. In the below example, I am renaming the Nokia N97 Mini as Ravi’s Phone. After entering the name, click the Rename button.


Now the updated Device name should get reflected under the Devices list.


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