How to search for specific font in Word 2013

Word 2013 users can use “Word Advanced Find” features to locate font of specific type in a document. Let us say you have a word document whose font type is set to “Calibri” but you also have couple of words whose font type is set to “Arial”. Now you can use Word’s find feature to locate these words in Arial font type.

Step 1: In the Word document, navigate to Edition section on the menu.

Step 2: Click Find option and select Advanced Find from the menu list.


Step 3: Navigate to Find section which available at the bottom of Find and Replace dialog box.


Step 4: Click the Format dropdown list under Find section and pick Font from the list.


Step 5: Now select Arial in the Font list and click OK button.


Step 6: Now you can use Find In option or Find Next to locate the words of Arial Font type.


You can also use Reading Highlight feature to highlight the search results and Replace option to change the font from Arial to your preferred font type.

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