How to view saved passwords in Google Chrome

All web browsers provide options for saving websites login credentials.  And the browsers provide option to view the saved passwords for the website. Google Chrome users can view the saved passwords using Manage saved passwords options available as part of Chrome Settings. Listed below are the steps to retrieve the stored password for a website on Google Chrome.

Step 1: Click Customize and Control Google Chrome option and select Settings from the drop down list.

Google Chrome Settings

Step 2: Scroll down the Google Chrome Settings page and click Show advanced settings.

Show advanced settings in Chrome

Step 3: Navigate to Passwords and forms in Advanced Settings page and click Manage saved passwords option.

Manage saved passwords

This should display the following Saved passwords form as shown below.

Saved passwords

Step 4: Show button will be displayed when you click the password field.

Show Password option in Google Chrome

Step 5: On clicking the Show button, you will be prompted with the following Windows password dialog for authentication.

Windows password authentication 

After successful authentication, website password will be displayed.

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