How to set up Bluetooth headset for Nokia 5800

Listed below are the steps to set up Bluetooth headset for Nokia 5800

1. Turning on Bluetooth can be done by two ways, a) tap the battery level icon you can get the “connectivity” icon. b) Select Settings -> Connectivity -> Bluetooth

2. Select Bluetooth

3. Just tap the Bluetooth which would be by default off when you tap this will set to On

4. Select the Paired Devices tab at the top of the screen (some themes may not support this option, so make sure you have the default theme set if you face any problem).

5. Select Options

6. Select New Paired Device

7. Switch on your Bluetooth headset

8. Select More Devices

9. Your phone will search the Bluetooth headset, for example if your Bluetooth headset is Jabra, it will show the name of your Bluetooth headset.

10. Now it will ask for the security code to connect, (by default all Bluetooth headsets will have the security code as “0000” or “1234”)

11. Pairing process is done now and you can enjoy taking calls on your Bluetooth headset.

When you have the Bluetooth headset connected to your Nokia 5800 Xpress Music you can also enjoy listening to music (but not in stereo mode) apart from attending calls.

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