How to set wallpaper in iOS 7 for iPad

iOS 7 users can set wallpapers for home screen and lock screen for their Apple devices using the option available as part of device settings. With iOS 7 now users can go for Dynamic wallpapers apart from the already available still wallpapers and Camera Roll. Listed below are the steps for changing wallpapers on iPad.

Changing wallpapers on iPad

Step 1: Tap the Settings option on iPad Home screen.


Step 2: In the Settings screen, navigate to Wallpapers & Brightness. This should display the following Choose Wallpaper option.


Step 3: Now tap either screensaver (first option) or wallpaper (second option). You will presented with the option to choose Dynamic, Stills or Camera Roll


If you want to set any photos from your device as screensaver or wallpaper then select Camera Roll. Still pictures contains set of beautiful pictures which can be used as wallpapers.


And wallpaper that provide slight animations to your home screen and lock screen are know as Dynamic Wallpapers.

Step 4: Let us change the wallpaper to Dynamic by selecting Dynamic option in the Choose screen.


Step 5: Then select your preferred dynamic wallpaper from the available list.


Step 6: After previewing the wallpaper select either “Set Both” for applying this wallpaper to both Home Screen and Lock Screen.


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