How to setup Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 device

Listed below are the screenshots taken while setting up Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.
Step 1: Power on your Samsung Tab 2 using the side switch.


Step 2 : Choose your desired language from the Select language drop down and then tap the Start button.


Step 3: Now select the Wi-Fi network for the Internet Connection and if it is security enabled then you will be prompted with password. After successful authentication, your device will be connected to the internet.


If you do not wish to connect to Wi-Fi network then tap the Skip button.

Step 4: Then set the Date, Time and Time Zone on Galaxy Tab 2.




Step 5: Now you will be asked to configure Samsung Account. Tap the Skip button to setup the Samsung Account later.



Step 6: Similarly in the next step you can configure the device with Google Account.


Here also you have option to Get a new account or to skip the setting up of Google Account.

Step 7: If you have signed in with your Google Account then you will be displayed with the following option for Google location. If you do not wish Google to collect location details then un check both the chef boxes and tap the Next button.


Finally the Device is set up and ready to use message will be displayed as shown below.


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