How to sort columns with date values in Excel

Sorting date columns in Excel 2016, 2013 and 2010 can be done using the option available as part of the Sort & Filter menu. Listed below are the different ways by which excel users can sort any columns with date values. Let us take the following example data set as shown in the screenshot.


Using Sort A to Z or Z to A

Users can quickly sort the date values either in ascending order or descending order by navigating to Editing section under Home menu then selecting Sort A to Z or Sort Z to A option.


Using Custom Sort

Select the Data Set that contains the column with date values. Then navigate to the Editing section and pick the Custom Sort from the Sort & Filter drop down list.


In the Sort dialog box, mark the check box with label as My data has headers (this is to exclude the header row in the data set) then specify the date column by which you want to sort in Sort by drop down, select Values from Sort on drop down list and choose the appropriate sort order from order drop down list. On clicking the OK button will sort the data in the specified criteria.


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