How to specify the default OS in Vista and Windows 7 dual boot PC

If you have got a Windows Vista and Windows 7 dual boot PC and you want to the default OS to Windows Vista, you can modify the settings by using the Startup and Recovery options.

The Startup and Recovery dialog can be accessed through Control Panel -> Systems and Security -> System -> Advanced System Settings.

In the System Properties, select the Advanced tab and click on the settings button under the Startup and Recovery

Startup and Recovery Options 

Under the System Startup section, there is a Default operating System drop down control, using this the default OS can be set to the preferred OS


Similarly, you can specify the time in seconds for displaying list of operating system using the Time to display the list of operating systems

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  • Fam June 1, 2010, 9:34 pm

    We use “Windows Vista 64 bits” as an O.S. & w’d like to use “Windows 7” as an alternative O.S.
    I tried to specify a default O.S. in Vista & Windows 7 dual boot PC. Following the instructions, I opened “Control Panel”, I’ve:
    “System & Maintenance (Get started with Windows, Backup your computer)”,
    “Security (Check for update, Check this computer’s security status, Allow a program through windows firewall)”.
    I opened all fields related to “Maintenance” & “Security”, but I couldn’t reach “Advanced System Setting”
    Please advise how can we get it.
    Thank you.

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