How to stop invitation request in Windows Live Messenger

Are you annoyed seeing many invitation requests from unknown contacts in Windows Live Messenger, then check the below information to stop these invitation requests.

You would be tempted to accept the invitation from contacts with picture as shown below. But you will never know what they are up to and it is always good to block this type of invitation. If it is just one off invitation then you can quickly select the No thanks option to ignore and block the request.

Windows Live Messenger Friend Invitation

But when you receive too many unwanted invitation requests then it is better to avoid receiving such requests.

Turn off invitation requests

Windows Live Messenger allows users to disable receiving invitation requests permanently using Privacy options. Launch Windows Live Messenger Options window then click Edit settings under Privacy tab.

Windows Live Messenger Options

This would launch the Windows Live Privacy Options page. Now select the value for privacy settings as Private and click the Save button. Now no one can send friend invitations request to you in Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger Privacy option

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