How To take a screenshot In Mac?

Whether it is a funny chat that you want to capture or just a beautiful picture, you would need to take a screen shot every now and then. Capturing screen shots on Mac is a little tricky than you think. Here are a few simple steps to enable you to capture screen shots in Mac operating system.

Step 1: Press command + shift + 4 and wait for the cursor to turn into a cross hair reticle.

Step 2: Drag this cursor to select the part of the picture that you want to capture. A gray colored rectangle will appear over the selected area. If you want to readjust the selection, press escape to go back to the initial cursor.


Step IV: A brief shutter sound will signal the capturing of the screen shot.

Step V: Next, you need to locate your screen shot on the desktop. The screen shot will appear on the desktop with a .jpg extension and the name “screenshot” with the date and time to taking of screen shot

Step VI: Once the screen shot is taken, it is ready to be used wherever you want. It can be uploaded, emailed or dragged into any application.

To take screen shot of the entire screen on Mac:

Adjust the screen such that all required windows are clearly visible. Press command+ shift + 3.  Then follow the above-mentioned step.


Save a screenshot to clipboard on Mac:

Step 1: When you press Command+Control+Shift+3, the screen shot is saved temporarily on the clipboard.

Step 2: Press Command+ V or go to edit and press paste to paste the screen shot saved in the clipboard. This can be done in any application that is compatible, like a word document, any image editing program or any email service from where you can directly email the screen shot.

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