How to take backup using memory card on Nokia 5800

Though you have option of taking the phone backup using the Nokia suite, there is also a option of taking the backup on the memory card too. This would be useful when your phone crashes due to some reason you can restore the backup details from the memory card. Let see how to do this,

1. Go to Applications and select File Manager (File mgr.)


2. From here select Backup, here you can see the free space available on your memory card


3. When you get on to the Backup screen, by default the Backup contents have the default value “all”. If you want to take the backup of your settings, messages, contacts, calendar entries, bookmark and files, you can leave as it is.

4. If you want to change it, tap on the option Backup contents, this will get you the list of all mentioned above. You can select contacts and settings if you want only these two to be backed up.


5. When you have selected want you need, click options and select Backup now, this will take some time depending on your contact details and other file sizes.


6. You get a message saying backup is successful.

7. When you click the options, there is also a option of taking the backup daily and weekly

8. You can restore the same by following the above mentioned steps and clicking restore from the options which will restore all the details when you took the backup.

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