How to turn off Frequent Locations in iOS 7 for iPhone

Frequent Locations is a new feature available in iOS 7 for iPhone. This tracks the iPhone users frequently visited location and maintains a history of the locations. This data is then used for providing location related information to the users. In this tutorial, we will see the steps for accessing records of your frequently visited locations and how to turn off this feature.

What is Frequent Locations in iOS 7?
Step 1: Tap the Settings icon on your iPhone home screen
Privacy in iOS 7 for iPhone
Step 2: In the Settings screen, navigate to Privacy section.
Location Services in iOS 7 for iPhone
Step 3: Then tap the Location Services under Privacy
System Services in iPhone
Step 4: Now scroll down the Location Services screen and tap System Services.
Frequent Locations in iOS 7 for iPhone
Step 5: In the System Services screen, navigate to Frequent Locations. This screen contains the History section with the details of the frequently visited places.
Frequent Locations History Details in iOS 7
Frequent Locations
If you want to remove the collected data then tap on Clear History.

Clear Frequent Location History
Turn off Frequent Locations on iPhone
If you want to maintain your privacy and do not want iPhone to record your visited places then you can disable Frequent Locations. Under Frequent Locations screen, use the switch to enable or disable this feature.
Disable Frequent Locations
Turn Off Frequent Locations

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