How to turn off the email notifications from YouTube

In this short tutorial we will see how to turn off the email notification received from YouTube. YouTube sends notification to the users when any one of the following events occur

  • When a comment is added to a Video.
  • Comment is added to the Channel.
  • A private message or shared video is received.
  • A message is received from the subscribed channel.
  • When received a friend invite.
  • When another users subscribers to the channel.

It is always recommended to keep these notifications but if it becomes un manageable then you can turn it off using the options available as part of YouTube Account settings.

Login to your YouTube account, click the Settings link under My Account.


In the Account settings page, click the Email Options.


Navigate to Automatic email notifications section under the Email options. Select the radio option with label as Don’t send any emails for the above events to turn off all the notification.


YouTube also provides users with option to turn off individual notifications.

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