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How to turn on Bluetooth in Apple iPad 2

Apple iPad 2 has in built Bluetooth and by default this would be disabled. You can enable or turn on Bluetooth in iPad 2 using the General Settings.

From the home screen, select Settings option.


In the General Settings screen, navigate to Bluetooth settings.


to enable or turn on the Bluetooth in iPad 2, touch the empty label that appears before the OFF.


Now your iPad 2 will start discovering the list of available Bluetooth devices for pairing as shown below


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  • Pls advise to connect to other Bluetooth (non iPad ). Is ther any other software needed in order to connect to my Nokia phone or Sony computer ???

  • How does one delete a device from the Bluetooth list on the iPad?

  • how do i transfer a doc from macbook pro to ipad2

  • i had my new ipad2 and am trying to connect bluetooth with my sony ericsson smart phone. i had follow the instruction to enable it but it still fail. please help

  • How do you change your Bluetooth name on a iPad 2 ???

  • I bought ipad2 a year ago ……. Nd till now im unable to connect it through bluetooth to any device ….. Im unable to connect it to my blackberry or my samsung galaxy tab ….. Do i need to install any additional software to do so?

  • I don’t think you will be able to connect to any of these devices. You can connect your iPad to bluetooth enabled devices such Keyboard, Headset etc.. and not other smartphones.

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